Where quality and service go hand in hand

Established in 1986, Crown Packaging Inc. has worked hard to maintain our prudent manufacturing philosophy since day one. After being in the flexible packaging industry for the last 28 years, we have managed to establish and maintain a reputable name for both our customers and, ourselves. We have successfully integrated the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years into the way that we run our business and manufacture our goods, which is visible in the final product. As a family-owned and operated company, we strive on ensuring that the qualities of the products we deliver exceed the expectations of our customers. Our inventiveness in addition to our hard working mentality has given us the opportunity to continue to provide excellence and to grow within the packaging industry.

We offer a wide variety of custom-made flexible packaging for domestic and international markets that cover several fields of business. Our products are designed to ensure that your product is being packaged in the most logical and convenient way. Based on our level of expertise, you can be certain that any modifications that could make your product better will be noticed and achieved with our company. Crown Packaging Inc. is able to add various features to your bag in order to maximize its potential; whether it’s the addition of hidden features on a security bag, or the use of a breathable film on a produce bag to extend shelf life, all the features that are available can be customized to fit your exact needs.

Crown Packaging; where quality and service go hand in hand.