+ Produce Bags
Our company specializes in the up and coming method of ensuring that your produce – no matter the kind – stays as fresh as possible for your consumers. There are several methods and variations to designing the proper produce bag for you.
+ E-Commerce / Mailer Bags
Crown Packaging Inc. makes sending and receiving packages that much more safe and efficient. We do this by producing the mailers in a stronger material that is not only lighter than paper mailers, but also water resistant.
+ Security Bags
The importance of ensuring that the contents within your security bag are kept safe cannot be stressed enough. That being said, Crown Packaging Inc. can customize a security bag that properly fits your needs.
+ Medical Bags
In the medical industry, it is imperative that all specimens collected stay protected from any possible contamination. Our medical bags ensure that once the specimen is put in, there are no chances of it being tampered with.
+ Food Bags
If there were one type of packaging that needs to be as visually appealing as possible, it would have to be food packaging. Nothing grabs someone’s attention as well as something that looks appetizing.
+ Product Bags
The importance of proper packaging for your product is essential to its success. Our team works with you to come up with the exact concept that best fits your product and your consumers’ desires.
+ Resealable Bags
As time goes on, ziplocks are becoming more and more crucial and useful for everyday tasks as well as everyday packaging. Naturally, the most ideal part of ziplocks are the fact that they are resealable and, can keep whatever contents they hold in their proper place.